Welcome to Perrenia, the world of Temerity Justice.

This site features the latest adventures of Temerity Justice, as she journeys through the world beyond the abbey where she was brought up. Temerity is a young woman from the Tannehelm Mountains who seeks adventure and excitement with only a lever action rifle and her horse as constant companions.


Phase fourteen, Temerity Justice and the Diabolist, is now underway.  Knowing that their knowledge of the invaders from the Forsaken Shore is limited, Temerity Justice decides that they need to find out as much as they can.


Phases One and Two are currently available on Kindle, I'll add others when they are ready.

Latest Temerity

The latest Temerity Justice file can be downloaded below.


Phase fourteen, Temerity Justice and the Diabolist, is the current phase.  Episode twelve, The magical dandy, returns to Temerity Justice as she seeks out the diabolist in the Princes Hill district of Confluence.


Episode twelve - The magical dandy


Bonus Temerity! I have finally got around to writing the back story to how Gerry came to be convicted of the murder of his wife.  I've called it a Bonus Temerity, but it's a Bonus Dandy Crew really.   I will be working on a story linked to this, which will feature Raven Ice telling Gerry about her life with her sister Violet (now Lady Iishaka), and how they both came to join the Chancel.


The Prospector's Wife

Currently working on

This is where I'll update readers on what I am currently working on.


As of this afternoon, I have written about half of Temerity Justice and the Fallen Town, although I already know I am going to have to rename it, as it has changed somewhat.  I'll be hoping to finish over the next few weeks.


The map is proving more tricky than I had hoped, but I am working on it at the moment.  Hopefully it will be uploaded soon.  Watch this space!

The world of Perrenia

I will also be adding articles which relate to the world of Perrenia, as and when I finalise them.  At the moment (first phase), I only have a few areas detailed, such as the abbey where Temerity was raised, and the first country she explores.  However, as other areas become more important to the text, I will add articles about them.


As both have now appeared, I've just added a new section on Brass sentinels and Meat Puppets.  It gives a bit more detail on the two types of technology, one Developed in Salmedina, the other in Farsland.


A new section on the Chancel of Mon has been added.  It was a bit of a hard one to write, as I don't want to give too much away from what is to come!


I've recently added a short piece discussing the technology levels of different areas of Perrenia in here.  .The outline of the Tannehelm Mountains can still be found here also.