Temerity Justice is the work of Iain Vass, a forty something writer living in southern England, in Milton Keynes to be exact, and about as far away from the Big Timber land his hero loves as you can get. Previously, I have written mainstream novels, although one or two did have a supernatural twist.  This is my first work that might be considered non-mainstream, or niche fiction. I created this website as a means of sharing Temerity's adventures with the general public and as a means of promoting myself as a writer. As writing is my main pastime, I am hoping to see how far I can go with Temerity.  So far. I have at least three phases planned out, and ideas for a few more.  Keep checking this web page to see how far I get!


Incidentally, if you would like to illustrate this page, please email me at temerityjustice@hotmail.com.  I'd be grateful for any suggested artwork.